About Us

Founded to reshape the norms of family fashion, Big Baby is a fashion and lifestyle brand, specialized in coordinated clothing for all sizes, including baby, youth, and adult XS-5XL.

At Big Baby, inclusivity and affordability are at the forefront of all that we do. Sisters Kamilah and Serena Brown partnered in 2021 to create the brand after facing high prices and limited options when shopping for their family photoshoots each holiday. Coming from a large family of 11, the need for tasteful yet economical clothing in all sizes grew clearer, until they ultimately decided to craft their own solution.

Blending comfort and sustainability, each collection offers coordinated styles for the whole family, with designs that encourage self-expression and choice. Our materials are premium and eco-friendly in efforts to make you feel empowered, included, and inspired.

Join our vibrant community across Instagram and Facebook, where the #BigBabyBabe movement thrives, and witness real families and couples in our matching outfits. Tag us to be featured and reposted and become a part of the Big Baby family (IG/TT: @BigBabyBabes)!